Al-Wahda [Archives:2003/656/Press Review]

August 4 2003

30 July 2003
Main headlines:
– GPC adopts election of local councils in the districts
– Presidential directives for solving issues of those who returned home
– Intensified Yemeni efforts to prevent handing over al-Mouyad
– Yemeni-Saudi borders demarcation to be finished this year
– Container ships arriving at Aden port, imminent
– Civil service minister: We adopt associating the job with requirements of development

On human rights and development columnist Ahmed Rajih says since human is the axis of actual development and he is the means and the end, there could not be creation of development without unchaining human capabilities and energies and the utmost benefiting from them to attain development goals. Talking about development starts from many constituents the most significant of which are the human and his rights. This human would not have any role in actual development if he is marginalized and suppressed and chances are not open for him to unleash his capabilities and not qualified enough with knowledge and skill serving that goal. Human capabilities could not be benefited from if he is provided with his citizenship rights going in line with its duties. This would stabilize his feeling of affiliation and loyalty and keenness on the public interest.
Among the rights the human has to obtain are his intellectual, political and social right and other forms of freedom. There must be the minimum degree of social justice which is the most important starting points towards development.