Al-Wahda [Archives:2003/662/Press Review]

August 25 2003

20 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Foreign undersecretary: Yemen did not receive a request to send forces to Iraq
– Yemeni- Saudi symposium for tourist investment in Yemen
– Yemen sends its initiative to Arab leaders
– Islah assistant secretary: Easy majority broke the bones of opposition and created political recession
– Beginning to set solutions to the returnees problems
Editor in chief or the newspaper says in his front-page article that the escalation of resistance operations against the Anglo-American occupying forces in Iraq in Baghdad and other Iraqi cities instigates a state of great astonishment accompanied by continued wondering about the source of these operations, both by the occupying forces and the Iraqis. At the time the sources of the occupying forces propagate that the armed groups launching those attacks belong to remnants of the Iraqi regime, the nature of the attacks indicates they are field scattered groups and disunited in terms of organisation. They do not have a united central leadership or a military strategy.
Regardless of the sources of these operations or the identity of their elements, the existing scene appears to be dark both in the eyes of the Anglo-American occupation and perhaps to the same extents for the Iraqi political and popular opinion. It is especially so when taking into account that the interim governing council has no power with regard to what is happening now or later.