Al-Wahda [Archives:2003/665/Press Review]

September 4 2003

27 August 2003
Main headlines:
– Arab recognition of the Iraqi governing council embarrasses the Arab League
– Politicians and intellectuals discuss dimensions of killing Jaralah Omer on a website bearing his name
– Yemeni cultural and tourist activities in the Austrian capital
– A draft amendment of the capital mayoralty law
The writer Abdulla al-Salahi says in his article in order to understand the level of services in Yemen we have always been keen to let our voices be listened to by the decision-makers that there must be a selection of distinguished people from the public. Frankly and honestly the development process in our country is advancing very slowly in all fields because he work is lacking the involvement of people possessing experience and qualification although there are many people owning abilities and energies and capabilities. There is a prevalent feeling among a large portion of the public that the services offered in our society are bad and the citizen is not getting services parallel or even approaching the level of services offered in other developing countries. The presence of this feeling has its justifications as the role of the citizen who is the beneficiary of these services is marginalized if not utterly brushed aside from taking part in many of his affairs.
It is confirmed that building the modern state is nor entrusted only to effectiveness of the government apparatus and programs in order to attain he goal, but rather that the element that governs the movement of development and change to the better are the society various segments. In this regard we would like as ordinary citizens that the decision-makers give us the chance for contributing to illustrate and activate our practical and productive energies and appeal to them to overcome the gaps that hinder the mach of national action.