Al-Wahda [Archives:2003/666/Press Review]

September 8 2003

3 September 2003
Main headlines:
– Yemeni initiative a project for formulating a new Arab order
– Monetary reserves rise to $4.8 billion
– Expatriates minister Qubti: Expatriates invest in fish wealth and housing
– Representative of the Red Cross: We are holding talks with Yemeni authorities on detained in prisons
– 5075 victims of land mines planted over 922 square of land
Columnist Qadriyah al-Jifri says in her article the phenomenon of poverty has widened inside the Yemeni society and has become threatening its fabric and stability under the increase of poverty that is threatening the living of a great group of the population rendering them unable to provide their needs of food, clothes and residence and other necessities.
The government has sought to take many measures for alleviating the impact of poverty, specifically among the segments that are mostly affected. Since the year 2000 the government embarked on preparing a national strategy to mitigate poverty as it is considered an inlet for facing this problem, supported by various civil society organisations and donor parties. The problem of poverty in Yemen has been associated with weakness of the economic performance and the internal and external shocks Yemen has been exposed to in the past period in addition to the drop in income and increase in population growth. Poverty does not mean only the shortage in money or the low level of income but extends to aspects of health, services, education and weakness of environment and security instability.
The government strategy aims at achieving economic growth and diversification of its base, developing human resources, improvement of the poor life through developing the infrastructure and enhancement of systems of social protection, in addition to development of administration and consolidation of participation and cooperation.