Al-Wahda [Archives:2003/668/Press Review]

September 15 2003

Sept. 10, 2003
Main headlines
– Parliamentarian committee recommends stop of activity of violating fishing companies
– Al-Hattar: We succeeded in dialogue with 70 detainees to be released soon
– Journalists denounce the chairman’s statements, demand holding the general conference
– Education ministry: Thursday an official school day at all education institutes
– Sana’a, regional headquarters for election training and qualification centre
– Training course for technical and vocational teachers in Aden
– Volume of imports via Hudeida port increases
– Influx of European tourists to Yemen begins
Columnist Ahmed al-Zurka writes on the 11 September events anniversary saying during the past two years the United States of America launched two wars considered as failing. The first when the American troops got involved in Afghanistan in an abortive attempt to arrest Bin Laden and his senor aides. But this war managed only in ousting Taliban movement from the rule and arresting hundreds of Arab and Afghans and sending them to Guantanamo detention camp. The second war when the American forces invaded Iraq without any legal support or an international authorization. Coinciding with those events was launching the international campaign of war against terror. It is the campaign targeting to a great extent Islam and Muslims to reflect the degree of the American government confusion and disclosed a fact indicating that the extremist rightist trend is on the increase and that the Zionist lobby has decided to flagrantly enter the conflict, as the American president Bush had expressed by saying the coming war was a crusade one. That had instigated resentment and astonishment the Muslims inside America and outside it. The impact of the war extended to include the whole world and probably the major targeted were the Arabs due to their religious and race affiliation of the operation implementers.
Bush’s administration had quickly sent messages to Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco, Egypt, and Sudan, demanding them to take part in its war on al-Qaeda.
Yemen kept complaining from terror before the events of 11 September and its relations with America deteriorated before the events of September in the wake of blasting the American Destroyer USS Cole at Aden port. With the increasing volume of damage Yemen has been suffering it has become engaged in a direct confrontation with the terrorists and many of sleeping cells had been discovered. It seems that Yemen is determined to go ahead in taking out terror from its territories, as the Yemeni leadership continuously expresses that.