Al-Wahda [Archives:2003/670/Press Review]

September 22 2003

17 Sept.2003
Main headlines:
– Government approves the establishment of the Higher Military Academy
– Yassin Nouman Assistant Secretary-General of the YSP
– Three governorates cleared from land mines and explosives
– Government approves Journalists Syndicate Law, Syndicate's conference to be held late this year
– Oil ministry undersecretary: Presenting investment opportunities in mineral wealth at the relevant Arab Conference
– Security forces abort an attempt for infiltrating Yemeni shores
– Dar al-Salam organisation organizes a national campaign for fighting weapons carrying
Columnist Qadriya al-Jifri says in her article that the large-scale Arab interaction with the Yemeni initiative on activating the Arab joint action by various Arab political and social organisations has clarified the extent of interest and welcome of it. This comes as a result of accuracy of its presentation and explanation of its clear and direct content which has pinpointed the Arab reality and defined its requirements without engaging into details that have been previously mentioned and exhausted the Arab action for a long time. Since the beginning of founding the first entity of the Arab League it has remained without any development or addition to the charter save that which has been introduced by the Yemeni initiative in 1999 concerning the regulation of the mechanism of the League's summits meetings.
Nowadays Yemen is presenting a new vision for development that would result in the best outcomes when it would be discussed and activated after enriching it with various practical Arab deliberations and changing it into a tangible reality giving much evolvement to safeguard the interests of the Arabs and safety of their destiny.