Al-Wahda [Archives:2003/673/Press Review]

October 2 2003

24 Sept.2003
Main headlines:
– Parliament speaker: The revolution took us out of darkness to light
– Vice president: Our people's celebrations of the revolution festivities supported by political and economic accomplishments
– Cabinet gives directives on speeding up decision in prisoners cases
– Foreign undersecretary: Many successes in Yemen foreign policy
– Treatment of Yemeni communities in the West
Columnist Qadriya al-Jifri says in her article that in the 41 years of the revolution many things have changed to no return in the lives of the Yemenis and many are positive changes and on this occasion we have to remember with glory and respect those men who sacrificed their lives to create this event. The revolution was against the tyranny and despotism and ended the iniquitous rule of the imamate. Since the early days of its eruption the revolution faced the enmity from the countries that were supporting the rule of Al-Hameeduldin and that had exhausted much of the revolution's efforts for many years. That stage of the revolution age was ended and security and safety have now prevailed the life of the Yemenis, and development has spread everywhere, but not in the aspired and wanted level. For this reason we want an evaluation and treatment of matters especially after the establishment of matters so that the Yemeni society would live satisfied in its achievement and serious in work and study. Request the decision -makers to pay attention to solving crises that are confronting the Yemeni citizen and facilitate his affairs and lessen the weight of the burden on his shoulder.