Al-Wahda [Archives:2003/676/Press Review]

October 13 2003

8 Oct. 2003
Main headlines:
– YR 111 million for residence allowances, and 71 millions for MPs companions
– Three companies chosen to implement the e-government
– Cabinet approves agreement on fishing in high seas waters
– 24 companies offer tenders for building the gas power station in Marib

Columnist Nour Baabbad says in her article we are suffering from complicated development and daily hindrances represented by fraud and lies in addition to negligence and red tape. These obstacles interact and join hands to form a phenomenon and rather practice divulging an ugly image of it. The aspects of this appear in inability, delay and failure and then it is explained simply as bad choice and ill implementation. We find peoples progress in their life and countries develop and coming generations are guaranteed t live a good life not because of the riches they possess but rather due to the good use of them and because of good planning. We are in need of removing corruption from our country and society so that services are at hand of every individual and to the remotest part of the country. The main point is the mechanism of peaceful transfer of power which is the responsibility of the legislator, meaning the people. The principle of monitoring and accountability should be enhanced, especially regarding the government performance and that of the parliament and the MPs themselves. Corruption is not existing only in the government but it is also there in civil society organisations such as buying the conscience of a political party or organisation and thus results in diverting it from its proper course. Corruption is also there at the family level when a group would exploit another one. Corruption begins with degrading morals, lack of monitoring and failure in applying the law.