Al-Wahda [Archives:2003/682/Press Review]

October 30 2003

29 Oct.2003
Main headlines:
– Convicted spent two thirds of their sentence to be set free
– Tripartite grouping foreign ministers to meet in Sana’a
– Next December, Local Councils elections in 88 districts and constituencies
– National map for technical education depending on field surveys
– Interior ministry: Dhamar mosque incident does not bear political or sectarian characteristic-More than one ton of expired foodstuffs seized in the capital
Columnist Mohammed al-Zubaidi says in his article that the world made a great fuss against the speech of Dr Mahathir Mohammed the Malaysian prime minister and accused him, despite his reality and objectivity of his presentation, as anti-Semitism; a weapon the Zionists have drawn against the Europeans and others. Many western countries protested against Dr Mahathir Mohammed in very hyper sensitivity. Semitism is not a characteristic of the Jews; the Arabs are Semites, if it is ascribed to Sam the son of Noah. Those who protested feign to be forgetting what they speak of Islam and Muslims and the titles and nicknames they unleash against them. The latest of what we have heard came in person of a senior official in the Pentagon intelligence who said that he and his government were fighting the Satan, meaning the Muslims, clarifying on more than one occasion that people hate the United States because it is a Christian state. This is the same of what president Bush said in the wake of New York and Washington incidents that he was going to fight terror in the name of Crusade. The same thing was repeated by the prime minister of Italy. The attack against the Muslims including the Arabs did not exclude any one and even those who have western nationalities. Although terror has no geographical, or ideological or democratic place, none was accused by it but the Muslims.