Al-Wahda [Archives:2003/694/Press Review]

December 15 2003

10 Dec. 2003.
Main headlines:
– Chairman of journalists syndicate: Syndicate's conference to be held at its date
– Security source: Al-Qaeda behind assassination of Shabwa governor
– Foreign archaeological expeditions work normally
Columnist Qadriya al-Jifri writes on the first judicial conference saying convening the conference comes as a confirmation of the principle of judicial reform on the basis of independence and modernization of judiciary in a manner keeping pace with the new stage and modern variable of development and investment.
The conference could be considered a judiciary demonstration as it is the first one since the declaration of the Yemeni unity. The conference would submit all various problems in this regard to the conferees to discuss and find solutions to them. We pin hope on the conference to come out with resolutions and decisions that would help remove injustice and to lead judiciary to be effective in protection of the rights of the citizens and pushing the influential elements from the way of judiciary to be able to listen to calls of the oppressed and rights to return to their owners.