Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/701/Press Review]

January 8 2004

31 Dec. 2003
Main headlines:
– Planning ministry undersecretary: 12 million dollars and one billion Yen from Japan to Yemen
– Deputy education minister: Support for technical education costs $ 20 million
– Yemen maintains efforts to begin negotiations with the World Trade Organisation
– 3258 beneficiaries from program of income-yielding activities
Columnist Mohammed al-Zubaidi says in his article in the wake of the World War II and in the light of the tragedy that had befallen humanity the vision of thinkers headed towards the establishment of the United Nations to form the safety-valve for peace of humanity. The organisation has actually performed its role for a period of time that was characterised by the international balance or what is called the cold war. After the dismantle of the Soviet Union he cold war collapsed and there emerged the dictatorship of power that began to create various techniques of n selecting the ways of facing the world and in fabricating accusations and justifications to attack here and there.
Now we are living in a world that has lost peace of mind and safety and self confidence. The fear from the unknown has become enveloping its entity.