Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/702/Press Review]

January 12 2004

7 Jan.2004
Main headlines:
– Government accepts the draft law on the establishment of Rima governorate
– Agreement on formation of Yemen delegation to the democracy conference, assistant secretary general of the GPC al-A'nsi: The JMP discusses who to represent it at he conference
– International support for Yemen's democratic experiment
– Judge al-Hittar: World interest in Yemen's experiment for fighting terror, we are prepared for a fourth round
– A study for reconsidering educational system in Yemen
On conferences to be held in Yemen in 2004, columnist Yahya Taher al-Ha keen says Yemen is to host in 2004 several activities, festivals, conferences and symposiums attended by Arab and world personalities and delegations representing various concerns.
Perhaps the most prominent of those festivals and conferences are those contained in the program regarding the celebration of crowning Sana'a an Arab culture capital for the year 2004. It would be a year that all efforts should be unified for presenting Sana'a and Yemen, with all their heritage, art and literature and aspiration of the people in the best image. The whole thing is not only concern of the government but rather it concerns all government and popular organisations.
The second very important activity to be held in Sana'a is the regional conference for democracy, human rights and h law to take place on 10-12 January. It is to be attended by Arab and world political, jurist and legal personalities, some of them visiting Yemen for the first time. Here we have to be very keen on presenting Yemen's experiment to the conference truthfully, objectively and with transparency, away from fabrications and exaggerations hat would not yield and benefit.