Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/704/Press Review]

January 19 2004

14 Jan 2004
Main headlines:
– Foreign ministry senior source: UAE Information minister arouse astonishments
– Qassem al-Ajam: Minesweeping the central parts of the country begins this year
– YSP politburo member Abdulghani Abdulqader: Success of world dialogue in Sana'a calls for a national dialogue
– Sudanese foreign minister: Establishment of holding company, free zone and businessmen council of the Sana'a grouping countries
– Construction of strategic power projects worth $423 million this year
Columnist Abdulla al-Qadhi writes in his article that the democracy conference that Sana'a embraced lately with a an extensive regional and international participation has come in harmony with the democratic pursuit that Yemen has followed since the 1990 as a support for achieving the unity on 2 May of the same year. This is the second conference of its kind to be held in Yemen after the conference of emerging democracy held in Sana'a in 1990. despite of whatever said about the Yemeni democratic experiment the election of Sana'a a venue for holding the conference is considered a confirmation of our country=s adherence to the democratic approach and its efforts for improving human rights conditions and an international appreciation of our country in following this direction as part of the dictates of international changes after the end of the cold war and 11 September events in the United States in 2001.
Nevertheless we can exact that democracy and human rights as an integrated system could not be achieved in one dose or as a ready-made recipe or an imitation of an example here and there. This system also cannot be realized by a higher decision from an influential authority or as a dictate by an external power, but rather through a long struggle, democratic education and a long-term accumulative building.