Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/714/Press Review]

February 23 2004

19 Feb. 2004.
Main headlines
– Fisheries Minister: Smuggling fishing boats indebted to the state for more than one million dollars
– Plan for developing the Yemeni Society for the Protection of the Consumer
– Implementation of the first stage of Al-Murawa'a waters project to be finished in a few days
– Free of charge healthcare for the health ministry employees

Columnist Abdulraqeeb Muqbil says in an article the change in the life of the individual and the group is a vital need continuous for ages. The difference is about the form, program and goals of the change. We have nothing to do with a canned change prepared inside the vaults of the American and western planning centers. America is itself the party that made most of the calamities of the region and helped to foil any attempts for replacing any local forms compatible with the need of each country. If the successive American administrations failure in creating what they were ambitious to establish of new forms in their backyard and only had left sterile conflicts, military bases and brittle regimes unable to protect themselves, would they be able to reap successes in an area packed with charges of explosion and long-term conflicts? Why did not Washington take in resolving the Middle East issue according to resolutions of international legitimacy instead of the negative bias and multi-form extortion?
The change is a demand and a need but not according to Washington's wishes and the marines' boots and not according to what is needed now. We are convinced and believe that an outside assistance and positive participation is not rejected. What are rejected ire the dictates and flagrant interference and fabrication of enmities. If America ha to practice a pioneering world role, it is more becoming for it to change itself first and change its concepts to probe what it wants to enter before pulling others to understand its cannon and military tanks language.