Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/716/Press Review]

March 1 2004

25 Feb.2004
Main headlines
– Journalists demand the government for securing decent living circumstances
– Discussion of resuming American-Yemeni agricultural cooperation
– Minister of waters and environment: The law of structuring and organizational regulation of the ministry to be issued soon
– Deputy Technical Education and Vocational Training minister: We are negotiating with the World Bank and the European Common Market on their support for education strategy
– Call for creation of a prosecution specialized in issues of waters and environment
– Tourist agreement between Yemen and Italy signed
– American development support for Yemen would increase in future to enhance level of partnership
Columnist Yahya Tahir al-Hakeem says in his article the convening of the third general conference of the Journalists Syndicate represented an important turning-point in the life of the Yemeni journalists and their unionist entity whose performance has to be developed to be incompatible with the status of the syndicate at the forefront of the civil society organisations and the democratic system as it is the union of freedoms and rights and bearer of the responsibilities of enlightenment and democratic awareness in the society.
The Yemeni journalists have confirmed their solidarity for the realization of their active existence. They have scored victory in over most elements of disappointment and managed to present a pure image of the spirit of the profession and thus their conference was a good example of the successful syndical work.
The negative image that prevailed the preparatory stage for the conference a despite the great mobilization of journalists from various aspects of the political spectrum and from all cities of Yemen. The image was full of successes by virtue of the great efforts exerted by the colleagues in the supervising committee, the conference chairmanship body and other committees. The great success was achieved to a motive for the new leadership to work with the same spirit of hard work for the realization of more giving that would achieve gains for the journalists, especially those that have been waiting for a long time.