Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/718/Press Review]

March 8 2004

3 March 2004
Main headlines
– UNHCR representative: Yemen is committed to refugees agreement without discrimination
– Environment committee at the Shoura Council recommends reconsideration of electricity and water cost
– Culture undersecretary: Beginning of implementation of a number of big tourist projects
– Secretary-general of Jawf local council: The detained Sudanese to be released in a few days
– Educational 11th meeting began Wednesday
– Expatriates undersecretary: We work for communities participation in Cultural Sana'a activities
– Implementation of Zabid sewage system this year
– More than 2 million children outside education
– Yemen takes part in 4th woman summit in Lebanon
– Special programs on human rights in the family
Columnist Mohammed al-Zubaidi says in his article an intelligence scandal has erupted recently the heroes of which were intelligence organisations of two countries permanent members at the UN Security Council. The scandal is that one of the countries asked the other to monitor and tap telephones of Security Council member states and the UN secretary general's before the war the two countries have launched against Iraq. The British minister of development was the one that disclosed that scandal and she was the one who resigned from Toy Blair government in protest against the war on Iraq.
All dimensions of the case confirm that the big powers alone are not banned from doing anything. They have the right to possess weapons of mass destruction, the rights to declare wars, to impose sanctions, to topple regimes that are not in harmony with their desires, the right to get free from international criminal courts and to distribute titles of terror against anyone uttering a rightful word.
The case of this scandal s not new but the new thing about it is that it is related to members of the Security Council and secretary general of the UN as they are entertaining diplomatic immunity. Now does this deserve to be described as a scandal or a series of scandal that are connected with the war against Iraq under pretexts of WMD and its files and then exportation of democracy aboard warships, tanks and via missiles and armies.