Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/720/Press Review]

March 15 2004

10 March 2004.
Main headlines
– Civil service minister: Eight thousand of surplus labour as a first batch to be dealt with according to civil service law, and application of wages would achieve great benefits for civil servants
– Yemeni paper on human rights to be presented to the 60th session of the international committee of human rights
– Abdulghani Abdulqader, don't want investigations neglect those mentioned by the killer of Jarrallh
– Dr Ahmed al-Asbahi: “Middle East” project contradicts issues of the Arab nation and peoples' will
– UNDP allots more than $350 thousand for supporting cultural development in Yemen
– Yemen hosts he regional meeting on renewable energy late of April
– More than 53 million dollars to finish a number of projects
– Burning of Wadi Al-Mulk palm trees an economic disaster, warning from the region being exposed to another fire and increase in farmers losses
– Yemeni Media Women Forum inaugurates its first activity
– Training course n commercial arbitration concluded
– Teachers receive a special training course on human rights
– Annual report of the National Committee for woman: poverty produced the Yemeni woman backwardness

Columnist Mohammed Bin Mohammed An'am says in his article that the journalists have been informed that there would be a “security source” promised by the minister of interior Rashad al-Aleemi, similar as it is done in many countries of the world. Such a center would provide information for media instrument to avoid any information leaking from other sources that may be incorrect.
More than three months elapsed since the promise was made by the minister but yet nothing happened. The news caused joy for journalists, especially for those who had been victims of the rap of the security source and to find themselves guilty without committing any guilt. If we have security source we would not witness the publication and spreads of rumours by external media. As journalist this demand is emanating from our keenness to talk to a person officially authorized in order that through him we can report the facts and factual news.