Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/722/Press Review]

March 22 2004

17 March 2004.
Main headlines
– European information and cultural delegations arrive in Sana'a soon
– Minister of civil service and securities: Employee unified card begins next April
– Loading and unloading movement at container port increasing
– 12 investment projects implemented in Hudeida
– Police attacks gangs of drug trafficking
– The Spanish prime minister describes the war on Iraq as a great catastrophe
Columnist Ahmed Muhidin writes saying the Spanish premier Aznar represented the third pillar in the triangle that took the decision of invading Iraq beside the American president Bush and the British prime minister Blair last March. With the approach of the first anniversary of launching the war outside the fame of the international legitimacy on 20 March, the Spaniard electors brought down Aznar and elected Zapatero who in his first press conference on Monday described that war as disaster and big mistake. According to observers the fall of Aznar is the price he has paid for his disregard of the Spanish people opposition of the war and their country's involvement in it. This result that brought the socialists to power and dropped the conservatives was not expected and this means that peoples' will must be respected.
Recalling the weeks before the war we would find that most world peoples had refused the launching of the war by massive demonstrations in various capitals of he world. It means that the insistence on the war represented a challenge to the will of peoples by the leaders who had taken the decision or those who had supported them. With the fall of one of the triangle sides of those who have taken the decision of war the door has become open for observers to predict the fall of the other two sides of war triangle, Bush and Blair in the American and British elections. Undoubtedly the world peoples opposition of the war on Iraq proceeded from perceiving the catastrophic results that would follow it and now the facts began to reveal themselves gradually. The other thing is that peoples have been convinced that the justifications advanced by both American and British administrations for launching the war are lacking credibility.