Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/724/Press Review]

March 25 2004

24 March 200
Main headlines
– YR more than 20 billion losses of organised smuggling via customs exempt
– YR 15 billion the amount of debts on big consumers of electric service
– GSM monopoly in Yemen broken
– Government spending on health very low
– Sana'a to host Youth Poets forum
– 60% of Yemenis does not obtain safe drinking water
– 10 tons of expired food stuffs confiscated in Sana'a
– Head of the Thai trade delegation: We hope o establish trade partnership with Yemen
Columnist Mohammed al-Zubaidi says in an article there has been much talk about naming the document signed lately in Baghdad pertaining the future of Iraq. Some call it the interim constitution the other some give it the name of the law of the state administration. The difference in naming indicates that there is difference in the vision to the subject altogether among the 25-member of the governing council itself. The follower of discussions held by the media about the subject would not hear a convincing answer concerning the essence of the subject and its content. Many of the Iraqi thinkers think what is going on in Iraq is illegitimate and the governing council and the government are not different than the occupying authority as long as the appointment came by the occupation authority and what is doing is flagrantly contradicting Geneva conventions and the UN security council that defined the identity governing Iraq and running its affairs as an occupying force. The day has to come when the United Nations assumes its role in Iraq. The impasses fort the occupier as well as the occupied would appear in some months and that would dictate the presence of the international organization and making it the basic axis, if what is intended is to restore for Iraq its freedom and independence in the legitimate image.