Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/728/Press Review]

April 12 2004

7 Apr 2004
Main headlines
– Justice privilege to issues of expatriates and investors
– Al-Asbahi: The political reform was associated with the establishment of the unity state
– JMP studies the initiative of comprehensive reform
– Oil engineers stage strike for improving their conditions
– To be lectured by religions scholars from Yemen and al-Azhar,
– Training course for mosque preachers on mosque message
– Education minister: We seek to depend on special cadre of education inspectors
– Rock cemetery dating to the second Hegira century discovered in Jibla district, Ibb governorate
– Conference on female circumcision concluded
– 79 container ships arrive at the Free Zone in Aden
– Preparation for holding Sana'a conference; civilization and history next August
– preparations continue for holding lawyers 4th conference
– Training course for leaders of charitable societies
Columnist Abdulraqeeb Muqbil says in an article what has been happening in Iraq and the extensive world controversy on the international crime perpetrated by America in Iraq are still arousing astonishment and sorrow particularly following confession by the war pillars that all evidence they had marketed was weak.
Here one should ponder why now is the confession that Iraq was not posing a threat to its neighbours and the word peace and did not possess weapons of mass destruction? Why the Iraqis refuse the occupation that led it to loss and exchanged their sovereignty by an imported sovereignty that rendered them into beggars after they were entertaining riches? We have to think deeply about those strange paradoxes that do not go beyond robbing the Arabs of their right to live free and independent. The whole world did not approve the United States invasion of Iraq and implicitly held it responsible for what happened later after it had agreed via an international decision considering America as an occupying force legally and did not give America the right to behave in Iraq as it wants. The United States has opened Iraq before every Tom, Dick and Harry under an implicit Arab approval and made of Iraq a chess board for internal conflict and a vacuum area not to be filled but by a superpower playing the role of the protector and the thief.
Naturally we do not defend the violation of law and human rights by any regime but if Saddam Hussein's regime was a bloody one we can query what is happening in Iraq nowadays. Iraq has been rendered into sand islands of sects and ethnics and the situation has become intolerable with that law that opened the way before dividing Iraq as if it is a land having no owner and the Iraqi people are not qualified to run their own affairs. Aren't the Iraqi people in need of a serious Arab consideration by an Arab summit to make up for what they have done to Iraq and to avoid perpetrating another crime against another Arab people?