Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/733/Press Review]

April 29 2004

21 Apr 2004
Main headlines
– Public dialogue sittings with returnees from Afghanistan
– Endowments minister: Contacts with the Saudi side to tackle issues of Umra pilgrims
– Justice Minister: Looking forward to found distinguished commercial judiciary
– Fish wealth minister: Organizing artificial fishing preserves fish wealth
– Italian journalist delegation visits Yemen
– Security agreements with Oman, signed
– Director of private education: The foreign ministry did not understand our complaint regarding the French school
– Four new companies in the Free Zone in Aden

Columnist Ahmed Abdrabah Alawi says in his article in the age of scientific advancement, openness and strong competition in the time of globalization and scarcity of resources it has become imperative for the governments, Yemen's government included, to give great attention to human resources as they are considered a rare resource, on the one hand, and a relative competitive trait on the other hand. This matter takes an exceptional dimension when talking administration leaderships.
We, in Yemen, despite of the great investment in preparing and qualification of human resources, as there are many government and private universities and research centers, this matter alone is not enough without taking into consideration the nature and quality of qualification of preparation of these resources for an age in need of to have these resources equipped with large groups of required administrative descriptions.
We have the ambition to see the leading administrative posts available for every distinguished and proper person. Choosing such persons for leading posts to be based on objective scientific bases, mainly efficiency, activeness and honesty in his administrative work.