Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/747/Press Review]

June 17 2004

9 June 2004
Main headlines
– Public property court continues trial of officials at health ministry
– Ministerial committee inspecting identicalness of Yemeni laws with human rights legislation
– Rise in trade exchange between Yemen and the GCC states
– Media strategy for alleviation of poverty
– 50 thousand wells threaten Sana'a basin by drought

Co0lumnist Amin Qaed says in his article the terror and security have formed a joint concern for Yemeni-American relationship considered during the past period as an example for the bilateral relations in the region. The Yemeni-American relations have during the past three years witnessed development and expansion represented by an increase of American grants and assistance to Yemen.
Security and terror occupy the priority of this participation especially following the explosion incident of the destroyer Cole at Aden seaport, killing 17 American sailors in addition to the blast in the French oil tanker Limburg offshore Hadramout. That entailed American fears on its interests, enhancing its conviction in the necessity of establishment of security cooperation and partnership with Yemen. As a result of these circumstances the two sides established security cooperation focusing on attention towards security of borders and fighting terror and expanding cooperation to include providing support for building Yemeni Coast Guard Authority. It is expected that the United States of America would at the end of this year provide Yemen with a number of gunboats and equipment for the coast guard to consolidate Yemen's capabilities n this area.