Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/751/Press Review]

July 1 2004

23 June 2004
Main headlines
– Application of social securities to Yemeni expatriates
– House of a security officer comes under sabotage blast
– Eritrea seizes 35 Yemeni fishing boats
– Human Rights minister: Joint plan with local administration in issues of human rights
– Efforts to contain the crisis of Yemeni community in Saudi Arabia
– 70% of medicines sellers are not pharmacists
– Communications ministry receives the Container port

Columnist Ahmed Abdrabe Alawi says in his article that the success of any project always begins with the idea of a study dealing with all its aspects and dimensions in depth. The project depends on the strict and wise administration that is considered as the backbone the team in charge of the project depends on.
The writer then goes to impediments of administration in Yemen and summing them up in some points.
– Absence of concept of administration in the minds of large number of managers,
– They do not seek advice of experts and specialties,
– There is ambiguity n the major goals and secondary goals.
– Performance depends on then spirit of the public sector rather than the private sector.
– There are the aspects of centralization, bureaucracy, mediation and formalities.
– There is the absence of transparency and non-commitment and love of work.
– There is the weakness of collective work and spirit of the team.
– There is no accurate description of jobs and weakens in distributing responsibilities.
This means we would not be able to develop the establishments and sectors in our Yemeni society unless we begin seriously to remove all the above impediments and difficulties and an attempt to gradual riddance of all surrounding negatives.
There is no denial that there are Yemeni elements possessing high efficiency and capability of quick adaptation to the situation required.
Another important point is that high-ranking administrative and technical posts in advanced countries are not assumed by ordinary persons but rather acquired through long stages of experience.