Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/755/Press Review]

July 15 2004

7 July 2004
Main headlines
– German technology to help the committee on fighting corruption
– Cabinet approves regulation organizing medicines trade
– Cole explosion defendants stand trial
– Civil servants salaries to be paid at post offices soon
– Euro 37 million from Germany to support development in Yemen
– Four companies offer cellular phones services next year
– Medicines smuggled from the capital Sana'a, confiscated
– During the first half of this year, 128 commercial ships and tankers provided with fuel at Aden port

The writer Muslih Muhsin al-Aziz says in an article the cautions submitted regarding the American motives behind its project on reforms, could it be the solution to stay introverted and staying in the state of idleness of the Arab system and preservation of the aspects of life that are deformed developmentally, educationally, economically and socially under pretext of independence and sovereignty?
Any reasonable one and keen on the interest of the region's counties would never be dragged by any precautions to agree with it and stick to it. The region's need for reform and change in all aspects of life is existing for centuries and now and in future more needed and it has become an inevitable matter. The important thing is that all have to realize that, regimes, political parties, organisations, intellectuals and popular activities, reform should begin and speedily in the political aspects and all relevant orientations and democratic systems to provide opportunity for the popular will to express for itself in choosing the regimes representing their aspirations and the translation of the principles of human rights into practice.
The issue of economic reforms is very important towards enhancement of the economic growth, development of aspects of investment and the ideal exploitation of the national riches and channeling them towards creation of comprehensive development on strong bases.
Away from reviewing ,ore examples we have to query and call on all those who possesses convincing answers. Is there one example in the history and reality necessitates the belief in the good will of America and Britain towards the region's countries in order to accept their new initiative? we have also to question the timing of presenting the initiative, especially after the occupation of Iraq and restoration of occupiers presence in many Arab countries?