Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/757/Press Review]

July 22 2004

14 July 2004
Main headlines
– Siege tightened against al-Houthy
– Customs retains properties of expatriates back from Saudi Arabia
– Eight residential schemes to tackle cases of nationalized houses in Aden
– 5 water and sewage tenders in Taiz
– Strategy for environment protection, prepared
– The second session for trying Cole blasting suspects
– Italian experts to prepare a plan for Sana'a preservation
– At the symposium ona intellectual property, Call for effecting legislations keeping pace with information revolution

Columnist Mohammed al-Zubaidi says in his article no day passes without large numbers of Palestinian martyrs and demolition of tens of houses, a number ranging between 3 to six martyrs every day despite of the presence of the four-party committee in occupied Palestine at the hands of the notorious terrorist Sharon.
The Jewish state was always using as an excuse that the Arabs wanted to destroy its existence, and continued to allege so even after the Palestinian authority signed with it the Oslo accords and after the convening of Madrid conference. Sharon had then came to abrogate every thing and outflanked even the road map produced by the American president Bush. It is quite certain that Sharon would not withdraw from the Zionist settlements in Gaza Strip and some areas of the West Bank until achieving his goal of destroying the Palestinian people. The regrettable thing is that his allies and protectors react to all those practices with silence on such crimes though they might not realize that such a stance means taking part in the responsibility for every drop of blood shed from the Palestinian body.