Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/767/Press Review]

August 26 2004

18 August 2004
Main headlines
– Political and economic reforms would affect senior people
– Yemen expresses its regret for deterioration of situations in Iraq
– The government puts controls for regulating sea fishing
– Britain abolishes its warnings for visiting Yemen
– Last July, forgery and embezzlement of YR 24 million in Amran
– Yemeni-Saudi agreement project for managing dangerous wastes
– Final hearing of the accused of Limburg blast

Columnist Salem Sheikh Bawazeer says in his article the hot spirit of intellectual, political and media resistance to the tendency of American hegemony in the Middle East region and the project of the Greater Middle East and that of changing the region's map disclosed the clandestine intentions of that project under the cover of democracy, liberation, and internal reform. The real goals are the enforcement of the military presence in the region by stationing militarily in Iraq and the economic control of Arab oil fields. The United States has utilized the events of September 11 a springboard for the military interference in the Middle East. Thus was the war on Afghanistan, followed by the war on Iraq under pretext of fighting terror and search for the alleged weapons of mass destruction.
More than that, the United States of America tries to find for itself an ideological vision identical to its expansionist ambitions and its economic and oil interests as well as its will for hegemony for imposing its domination and control of the world through the use of the most powerful military force in the temporary world. Its haughtiness has also driven it to an attempt for re-formulating the history of humanity and the change in the Arab ideology and educational curricula.