Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/775/Press Review]

September 23 2004

15 Sept. 2004
Main headlines
– Dr Al-Asbahi: Leaderships in the JMP rebel against law and national constants
– Political parties' stance regarding allocation of constituencies for the woman:
– GPC: We study the proposal; support the woman as candidate and voter
– Islah: Islah female members have to be brave to wring out their rights
– YSP: Engagement of the woman in political life needs a political decision
– Communications ministry stops smuggling international phone calls in three governorates
– Yemen takes part in Tokyo tourist exhibition
– For modernizing foreign trade, Border customs crossings to be connected by electronic system
– Discussion seminar on tackling impediments of agricultural marketing
– Italian support for health programs
Columnist Abdulnasser al-Mamlouh says in his article that the opposition parties are nowadays trying to gather their papers and rearrange their internal situation by setting what are called controls for regulating their work and through them, it aims at building a strong and organized opposition based on a constitutional basis.
The opposition parties have established a what is called as “Joint Meeting Parties” and thus have caused happiness to all those interested in the matter of wanted democratic balance in the hope to create suitable climate for the growth of the democratic experience in Yemen and prepare the way for the realization of its goals, but things run against the hoped for objectives.
Despite the official and legitimate existence of a large number of Yemeni political parties along with the ruling party, those opposition parties do not possess any clear political program distinguishing them from others and what they do is that they call themselves as opposition parties. They do not possess another program that the citizen could think of and hold comparison between it and the government program to choose between the better.