Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/789/Press Review]

November 11 2004

3 Nov.2004
Main headlines
– A factory for Sabaean mintage production and inscriptions, discovered
– Designing of tourist villages at coastal sites soon
– Council of Ministers fixes date for the general census
– Al-Qaeda installs its new leader in Saudi Arabia
– Yemeni Journalists syndicate sees judgment against Al-Mithaq newspaper as danger threatens press freedoms

Columnist Abdullah al-Bahri discusses important factors leading to develop and flourish tourism in Yemen, saying our country as a whole is full of tourist characterized landmarks and historical places. Most of those sites and areas have abundant ancient treasures frequented by many tourists desiring to be acquainted with Yemeni civilizations.
The successes in general with regard to attracting most of the great numbers of tourists to Yemen are a matter connected to all channels interested and concerned with tourist affairs. There are several factors having direct impact on progress and development of tourism, among them is what we have lately seen of movement and activity across many a sea, air and land inlets through which the tourists come as groups, tourist and for investment. That is a proof that our country is leading secure and stable life let alone many facts helped the process of political investment and the development of tourism industry.