Al-Wahda [Archives:2004/801/Press Review]

December 23 2004

15 Dec.2004
Main headlines
– Organizational and financial behind postponement of the YSP conference
– Parliament asks the ministry of waters to pinpoint the responsible for environmental pollution in Sana'a
– Advisor of ministry of planning: We concentrate on directing assistance of donors towards government priorities
– The Italian team begins excavation for antiquities in Baraqesh
– Minister of justice calls on courts to speed up consideration of cases of vengeance
– In Sana'a and Aden, Two seminars on press and free market
– Retreat in export and production of fish in the western coast
– Speech ceremony on the occasion of the world day of the handicapped
Columnist Mohammed al-Zubaidi says in an article that it has been said that late dent Yasser Arafat was the tumbling stone on the road of settlements and peace between the Zionist entity and the Palestinian people and that the opportunity has become convenient for the return of the two parties to the negotiating table. Moreover, some media organs have exaggerated in optimism and that a kind of understanding has lately been reached between the two parties. All those calculations proved to be unrealistic. The Jewish government that promised to provide calm and suitable atmospheres for the Palestinian elections, as some European ministers affirmed. They said they had received such promises from the Zionist government. However, what happened was that what is happening on the ground have nothing to do with those promises. The Zionist aggressive policy is still going on and killing the Palestinians and assassination of the leaders of resistance are in full swing as well as the invasions by the Zionist troops into the Palestinian and village have not stopped.