Al-Wahda [Archives:2005/837/Press Review]

April 28 2005

20 Apr. 2005
Main headlines

– Political parties overcome the state of alienation and move to dialogue

– Yemen moves to group of less indebted countries

– German praise of the Yemeni experiment in democratic practice and fighting terror

– Resuming dialogue with Al-Houthi followers

– WB assesses projects it is implementing in Yemen

– Economists warn against continuation of decline in riyal purchasing power

– Part of the strategy of modernizing judiciary, fixing year 2015 a time ceiling t complete building judiciary power

Writer Dr Abdullah Ali al-Fadhli says the security question occupies the first priority and the first of people's interest next to the food safety. General security is the responsibility of the entire society and not only that of security authorities. Society would not be safe and stable without its being collaborates in making security and stability and if it depends only on security apparatuses.

In the few past years, our country has been exposed to many violations and forms of crimes harming security and stability and inflicted damage on public and private properties whether by local gangs of through alien ones.

The citizen's role is very big in security process through watching, following up and immediate reporting about any dubious activity. Thus, efforts are joined forces between public security and the citizens to protect the homeland from those gangs and crimes that are alien for the Yemeni society.