Al-Wahda [Archives:2005/870/Press Review]

August 22 2005

17 August 2005
Main headlines

– Observers request the JMP to end suspension of dialogue with the GPC

– The parliament preparing to account the government on the increase that violates the sales tax law

– Endowments undersecretary calls on the Islah to stop using mosques for partisan calls

– The government endorses selling and buying contracts to supply Korea and America with gas

– Opposition parties finalize their proposals on amending the elections law

– Field teams to control those manipulating drugs prices

– International experts warn against rise in unemployment rate in Yemen

How to tackle the phenomenon of child labour is an article written by Abdullah Omar Al-Bahri in which he mentions that weakness of education system, poverty, illiteracy are the more important causes of child labour in Yemen.

The ambiguous policy of education and its educational visions, the broadening of the circle of poverty, the spread of illiteracy, increase of the number of homeless children as a result of the population increase as well as the lack of balance between rates of production and consumption are factors caused the increase in the number of the homeless and consequently the increase of this kind of labour. This has also come as a result of severe poverty of numerous Yemeni families that cannot spend on their children.

Treatment of the child labour phenomenon in our country must be based on educational goals, encouraging children to head to scientific acquisition through raising efficiency of educational system. It should be in a degree capable of accommodating those children to preclude their heading towards labour markets.