Al-Wahda [Archives:2005/884/Press Review]

October 10 2005

5 Oct. 2005
Main headlines

– GPC praises seriousness of the dialogue with the YSP

– Cabinet confirms there must be better use of grants offered to the country

– Disputes rage the journalists syndicate

– Al-Najjar warns against begging in the name of Zakat

– The committee entrusted with release of Saada insurgency detainees held its meeting

– The central bank has no information on banning the deal with expatriates' remittances by checks

– Japan writes off $8 million of Yemen's debts

– Yemen maintains negotiations for its accession of the WTO

– Monitoring of water excavators via satellites

Columnist Mohammed al-Zubaidi writes on food security saying it is an important and old issue and the human have thought of ways of storing food and how to do that. Food burying places was one of the ways human have thought of in stocking food to protect it against insects that may destroy it. After the revelation of the Koran people got the scientific information that was mentioned by prophet Yousuf while explaining the dram of the then Egypt's ruler in storing of grains with their spikes with validity of seven years, in addition to many other means. It is thought that the idea of grain silos was based on the burying places for grains, for instead of storage inside the ground it was replaced by silos built on the ground surface and of course the idea of silos is based on a kind of technology as the most modern container for storage.

Exaggeration in consumption of food is one of the phenomena that our society is blamed for and I may claim that the United States of America may consume a quantity of food in one year equal to what we do in one month. This could be seen by tourists to our country who see green meadows especially in the month of September which in our country is considered the month of good yield and local and foreign tourism.