Al-Wahda [Archives:2006/976/Press Review]

August 28 2006

23 Aug. 2006
Main headlines

– Electoral propaganda for presidential candidates kicked off

– Endowments calls for informing on the use of mosques for election propaganda

– System of individual constituency is most suitable with the nature of our social reality

– Yemeni-German consultations in November for the support of development sectors

– Yemen free from bird flu

Writer Ahmed Abdrabeh Alawi says in his article political analysts and observer in the world know about the open bias of president George Bush to Israel in most times and as if he speaks the language of the Israeli prime minister Olmert. The main reason is ascribed to pure electoral reasons as he aspires an electoral presence for his party although he is personally about to end his second and last term in power. He does not wan to go through the same experiment of his father when he was defeated in the American presidential elections before Clinton. President Bush is sincere in winning satisfaction of the American Jews because they are owners of business, influence and the media and they made him win in the elections against Algor.

The paradox is that Bush who rules a superpower claiming to be defender of democracy and human rights in the world, he himself demands the change of many an Arab and non-Arab presidents despite his full knowledge they are elected by their peoples and the elections that brought them were free and held under supervision from the United Nations and some countries, as what happened in Palestine, Lebanon and Venezuela.

Bush can stand by Israel and support it with all means, but he cannot extinguish the flame of resistance or suppress the spirit of resistance inside the souls of the Palestinian and the Lebanese people.