Al-Wahda [Archives:2006/980/Press Review]

September 11 2006

30 Aug.2006
Main headlines

– More than 200 tribes sign document terminating vengeance

– PM Bajammal: Yemen proceeds from seeking cultural integration in its vision of accession to the GCC

– FM press conference clarifies Yemen's stand versus regional and international issues

– Nasserite secretary of the political office: The opposition reached a stage of political and program maturity

– In the first half of this year, more than $ 2 billion the value of oil exports

– Japan writes off % 7 million, total foreign indebtedness amounts to $5 billion

– Academics and politicians affirm importance of the \political reform to tackle failures

– In the past 7 months, more than one billion riyals retrieved to treasury

– Yemeni-Saudi campaigns for combating malaria in border areas

Writer Taha al-Amiri says in his article if the beginnings are indicating the results we have then to revise our calculations in more than one direction. However, the more e prominent direction is the political and party consciousness and the mechanism of its dealing with matters in a way that is not limited to boundaries of dereliction, though that is what characterized some of the speeches delivered in electoral festivals and the slogans raised there. It is a fearful action when we find those who are supposed to stabilize values of civilized changes are the ones carrying them out.

There is much evidence that the elite need to rehabilitate themselves intellectually and culturally in compatibility with the changes and n line with democratic values in order to be able to take part positively in rooting process of values of democratic awareness among the people and society through their media and political address. Democracy, as a civilized culture, is not based o compositional speeches and transient reaction. There are intellectual, cultural and political constituents leading to such an address.

True we have corruption and wish to get rid of it and those causing it but against that we have also political, democratic and cultural corruption. We have corruption in practicing, behavior and consciousness. All those forms of corruption represent the immoral base of he financial and administrative corruption. This cannot be treated in the way some parties are following. Corruption does not mean there is no state.

Elections are raging and all are engrossed in their ramifications. There is no talk about platforms and the criticism stamp has taken the shape of personification targeting the national political symbols. There is no critic of those criticizing a platform of those who are in power telling them you have said in your platform this and that and committed yourselves, so where is what you have promised to do? Instead of that we have so far found excesses and defamation.