Al-Wahda [Archives:2007/1044/Press Review]

April 23 2007

April 18
Main Headlines

– PM confirms to Parliament that improving investment and living standards tops his government agenda

– Legal Affairs Minister: We have a package of legislations to implement during the coming two years

– Yemenis have the least savings in the Arab world

– Old Sana'a City houses threatened to collapse

– Yemen stresses Arab rights for peace with Israel

– Yemen's negotiations with WTO enter final phases

The weekly said that Hamoud Al-Najjar, Chairman of the office of communicating and coordinating with the World Trade Organization (WTO) declared in a statement that Yemen has approved the list of restricted and banned imports. He added the Yemeni government is due to forward the list to WTO before holding the coming session of negotiations between Yemen and WTO.

Al-Najjar pointed out that there are several international agreements that ban the exchange of some commodities that contradict the national privacies of some countries including Yemen. The commodities, the import of which is banned, include pesticides and other products, which are harmful to agriculture and environment. He excepted other commodities that may be imported in case there is an urgent necessity for them and under licenses from the concerned parties.