Al-Wahda [Archives:2007/1054/Press Review]

May 28 2007

Wednesday, May 23
Main Headlines

– Authorities establish sugar and boat factories in Hodeida worth $110 million

– Chief Judge of Public Money Court to Al-Wahdah: The court reviewed 93 corruption cases this year

– Chairman of Ghail Bawazir Cultural Center criticizes officials who once were students at the school for neglecting their school

– Authorities review laws concerned with labor and laborers

– Yemeni-Gulf meetings in Sana'a to carry out donors' pledges

– Swarms of locusts widely spread in Hadramout and Mahra

– Yemen to host meetings of control and audit organizations in Arab countries by the end of May

Abdullah Al-Sinfi, Chairman of the Central Organization for Control and Audit (COCA) clarified in a statement that his organization is due to host on May 23 – 31 activities and meetings of the Arab Group for Control and Audit Organizations, the political weekly reported on its front page. It added that the meetings are due to be attended by chairpersons of control and audit organizations in all Arab countries. Al-Sinfi said these organizations will devote their meetings to discussing many matters included in their agenda with regard to organizing and developing cooperation ties between control and audit organizations in the Arab states. He added that participants are to exchange viewpoints with the aim of improving performance of these organizations.

The most important themes in the meeting's agenda include the group's strategic plan for the coming three years, the training plan and suggesting a new agenda for the group. COCA chairman indicated that the meeting participants will elect a new chairperson for the Arab Group for Control and Audit Organizations, as well as his deputy for the coming three-year term. They also will elect members of the group's executive council. According to Al-Sinfi, Yemen will chair the group and its executive council for the coming term.