AL-WAHDA: Sanaa weekly, 10-12-97. (Official) [Archives:1997/50/Press Review]

December 15 1997

Main Headlines: 1- The President met outgoing American Ambassador to discuss issues of mutual interest to Yemen & US 2- Mukalla prosecutor-general: “Socialist Party member Ba-Awm was referred to court only after extensive investigations that uncovered solid evidence against him.” 3- Yemen and 6 other Arab countries agree to fully implement Arab common market as of next January, customs duties to be lifted 4- UNHCR Representative: “Yemen is a exemplary country in treating refugees.” Article Summary: Universities without Research By Yahya Al-Hakeem In an age of rapid scientific developments, Yemen still lacks any proper institutions for scientific research. Upon the establishment of the Republic of Yemen in 1990, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research came into being. Optimism did not last long. That ministry was abolished after the 1993 general elections. Yemeni universities in general do not care about actual scientific research. All they do is create large