AL-WAHDA: Sanaa weekly, 17-6-89. [Archives:1998/25/Press Review]

June 22 1998

(Official)   Main Headline:
1- Headed by the Prime Minister, Dr. Al-Iryani, the Council of Yemen Universities will meet to discuss grievances by university staff in Sanaa and Aden.
2- Chief of security in Dahli’: “The security situation in the area is quite stable, and police are working round the clock to preserve the peace.”
3- Participants in the symposium on tourism stress the necessity for enforcing the law and bringing lawless elements to justice.
Article Summary:
Ship Sinks
In the first incident of its kind in the port of Mukallah, the Syrian registered medium-sized ship Al-Imad sank while it was docked in the port at midnight on 12 June. All 30 sailors on board managed to jump to safety when the ship started to tip to the left side. They were rescued unharmed by the coast guards, who arrived a short while later at the scene of the accident.
Carrying 4,000 tons of cement imported by the well-known businessman, Al-Rahbi, Al-Imad sank without a trace in the deeper part of the port. Investigations are underway to find the cause of the sinking.