AL-WAHDA: Sanaa weekly, 19-8-98. [Archives:1998/34/Press Review]

August 24 1998

Main Headline:
1- The 1st youth and students meeting concluded its activities on Thursday, August 20.
2- Deputy Minister of Education: “We have received all the necessary supplies for the new academic year, starting on 5 September.”
3- The Palestinian ambassador to Sanaa uncovers the lies about the smuggling of uranium and red mercury. He categorically denied all allegations of his embassy’s involvement.
4- More than 2,000 illegal aliens – mostly Eritreans and Ethiopians – have been deported from Yemen.
5- Two cases of embezzlement have been referred to the Public Fund Prosecutor Office in Mahweet.
6- Two Mukallah young men die by snake poison after being duped by a charlatan, who convinced them that they are invincible to snake bites.
Article Summary:
How to Implement Security Laws – editorial
Immediately after their endorsement, laws must be fully implemented and followed up. One example is the law recently adopted to regulate the possession and carrying of firearms. The Ministry of Interior must closely monitor the implementation of this law and make sure that it is respected by all citizens, no matter how senior they are.
The media has an important role to play in this regard in raising public awareness and drawing the relevant organs’ attention to any shortcomings and violations.