AL-WAHDA: Sanaa weekly, 21-1-98. [Archives:1998/04/Press Review]

January 26 1998

Main Headlines:
1- Several political figures praise the President’s call for strengthening internal Yemeni solidarity.
2- Headed by the Prime Minister, a meeting of the General Investment Authority discussed the problems it faced during 1997.
3- Holland to open a cultural institute in Yemen.
Article Summary:
Medicine Smuggling
By Mohammed Al-Sayyid
Medicines are often smuggled into Yemen by sea or through unofficial desert routes. Some consignments are buried in the sand until a suitable time for distribution. Many of these medicines are usually of poor quality or have expired, thus, causing numerous health problems.
Recently, 45 pharmacies have been closed by the health authorities for stocking smuggled or expired medicines that could damage health. Many pharmacists, however, have complained that the health authority’s pricing system is outdated and imposes very low prices that cannot be met when legally imported medicines are concerned. This encourages smugglers to bring in poor-quality cheap medicines.