AL-WAHDA: Sanaa weekly, 24-12-97. [Archives:1997/52/Press Review]

December 29 1997

(Official) Main Headlines: 1- Unidentified assailants shot dead 2 CanadianOxy employees in Shihr 2- Parliamentary elections to be repeated next January in Constituency 204, a failed candidate contested that his elections symbol was falsified 3- New US Ambassador to Yemen promises to strengthen Yemeni-US ties and support democracy Article Summary: Robbing & Vandalizing Yemeni Antiquities Following extensive investigations, the special Information and Culture Committee found the following: – more than 258 pieces of ancient artifacts were stolen from the offices of the General Authority of Antiquities, including antique swords, old coins, etc; – a quantity of old traditionally made silver jewelry went missing; – stone and marble statues were stolen; – 24 pieces of ancient artifacts were stolen last August from the Seioun museum; – Omani border guards seized 9 pieces of Himyarite artifacts and asked the Yemeni authorities to retrieve them, nothing is done yet. The committee’s report cited other incidents of robbery and vandalism of ancient monuments such as ancient Mareb and the great mosque in Zabeed.