AL-WAHDA: Sanaa (Weekly) 29-10-97. (Semi-official) [Archives:1997/44/Press Review]

November 3 1997

Main Headlines: 1) The President’s Visits to France, Egypt, and Jordan is a Qualitative Move towards More Comprehensive Trade Relations 2) 1st Round of Immuization Against Common Childhood Diseases Concluded Successfully 3) New Preparatory Committee Formed for General Conference of Journalists’ Syndicate 4) Gulf Acedemics Call for Allowing Yemen and Iraq into Gulf Cooperation Council Article Summary: Tripartite Summit – editorial The Yemeni-Palestinian-Egyptian summit in Cairo came at the right moment. The Israeli Likud government is following a very dangerous brinkmanship policy. It is literaly destroying the whole Middle East peace process. It is going back on the Oslo agreement, and blockading the regions ruled by the Palestinian National Authority. There is no doubt that the summit will bring a positive outcome for the benefit of the whole region.