AL-WAHDAH: Sanaa weekly, 4-2-98. [Archives:1998/06/Press Review]

February 9 1998

Main Headlines: 1- The President discussed in a ‘phone call with the Saudi Crown Prince the bilateral relations between Yemen & Saudi Arabia. 2- Yemen is to take part in Somalia reconciliation conference on February 15 in Baidoa. 3- Comprehensive evaluation study of the Yemen Industrial Bank is being conducted in cooperation with KPMG for auditing. 4- Syndicate of Educational Professions calls on its members to go on a partial strike demanding swift enactment of proposed teachers’ law. Article Summary: Defeat the High Prices – By: Mohammed Saleh Ba-Akaba The prices of many foodstuffs in Yemen have become unreasonably high.  Fish and other types of meat have become luxuries. The best way to defeat the greedy merchants is to refrain from buying their commodities. It does us no harm if we stop eating fish for a month, say. Fish mongers will have to bring the prices down. It is quite stupid to buy qat at its present very high prices – up to YR 2,000 for a chewing session. Reason dictates that we should stop chewing qat no matter how hard is that. If one type of commodity goes bad because people stopped buying it, this will be a good lesson for the greedy merchants.