AL-WAHDAWI [Archives:1998/42/Press Review]

October 19 1998

Sanaa, weekly, 13/10/98 
(People’s Nasserite Unionist Organization)
Article Summary:
A Whisper to the Interior Minister.
A few days ago a number of tribesmen, loyal to a senior tribe and authority official, broke into Sanaa’s central prison at night and almost beat to death one of the prisoners.
That prison is supposedly the safe place where defendants or convicts are imprisoned until they are cleared or convicted by a court of justice.
Yet, if that place becomes an arena for settling differences, particularly when there are claims that the break-in and the beating up of the prisoner were in collusion with prison administration, then that is something new.
We know that the Minister of Interior is keen on the application of law, thus we ask him to investigate the incident and in the event that the perpetrators deny the charge then we are ready to inform him of the names of the culprits and time of the incident.