Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/629/Press Review]

March 31 2003

25 March 2003
Main headlines:
– NUO central committee calls for expulsion of aggression countries ambassadors
– Protest demonstrations in Sana'a
– The Nasserites fight in Iraq, three of al-Wahdawi journalists sentenced to imprisonment
– Internationally prohibited cluster bombs used in the war of aggression in Iraq
– President Saddam Hussein: The enemy will be defeated, victory soon
– NUO's secretary general hails the party's members courageous stand in Iraq

Dr Jameel Ahmed Oun al-Madhaji says in san article that the brutal attack by the United states, Britain and their allies on Iraq and the people of Iraq, comes as part of the neo- colonialist countries_ America and its allies_ strategy for controlling peoples and seizing their riches and re-drawing the map of the world in accordance with interests of the new world order at the time of globalization.
Brutality and immorality of this U.S.-led war, in challenge to the international legitimacy and laws and all human norms, makes us expect dangerous results and phenomena in future under the hegemony and superiority of the one pole in the world and its disregard of the UN Security Council. The aggression on Iraq's sovereignty and he attempt to occupy its land is but one step towards coming scenarios and schemes of the U.S. in the Arab region and the world.
The Arab official silence of the Arab regimes versus the aggression or the way of their dealing with it discloses the regimes satellite to America and reveals their subservience to it. This silence and their suppression of the Arab masses and preventing them from expressing their attitude towards the aggression, proves weakness of these regimes and lies. The Arab regimes are demanded now, and quickly, to take practical stands against this war of aggression by refusing and condemning it and the demand for stopping it. Meanwhile, they have to work for reactivating the weapon of economic boycott, freezing diplomatic relations and allowing Arab masses and their political parties to express their refusal of the of this war, through international organizations and their diplomatic relations world countries.