Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/630/Press Review]

April 7 2003

1 April 2003
Al-Wahdawi weekly, organ of the Nasserite Unionist Organization
Main headlines:
– Elections Committee hinders some JMP's candidates
– Influentials from the ruling party commit aggression on the deaf and mute
– Iraqi steadfastness torpedoes Anglo-American imperialists plans
– Blows should be dealt to American and British interests
– Members of Nasserite Organization continue fighting the invaders
– MP al-Atwani: Elections committee bears responsibility of ignorance of some electoral commit
– Call for boycotting medicines of aggressor countries
Columnist Hamdi al-Bukari says in his article that immediately after the arrival of around five thousand Arab volunteers in Baghdad to carry out martyrdom operations, the level of panic raised among field commanders of the Anglo-American invaders, even before their politicians who are going to receive blows from all directions. And for fear of the news reaching their soldiers, those commanders worked hard to impose blackout on this news. The American and British soldiers, and Blair and Bush, surely know that the serious problem the Zionists face is the Palestinian martyrdom operations. No doubt therefore the war criminals now feel, on the battle fronts and the politics salons, disappointment the bitterness of which is increased by the fact that these people ready to die for saving Iraq are on the first batch.
It is certain that all of the Arabs and Muslims are time-bombs whose explosion would not stop in Palestine and Iraq but will pursue them everywhere.