Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/632/Press Review]

April 21 2003

15 April 2003
Main headlines:
– Figures and facts disclose failure of the GPC government
– Extensive mass rally behind candidates of the NUO and JMP
– Islah: JMP necessity to stop deterioration
– Security in Taiz prevents JMP from election propaganda, arrests three of its members
– Al-Atwani, a Taiz candidate: April 27 a dividing line for shrinking sweeping majority
– 200 Yemenis without documents waiting to be delivered on the Iraqi-Syrian borders
Columnist Ahmed al-Ashwal says in an article that more than twenty-seven days passed since the Anglo-American ongoing aggression began on Iraq. Everyday passes very heavy on the Arab citizen, particularly the Iraqi citizen discloses new facts on ugliness of the attack and the extent catastrophe that has befallen the Arab nation which too heavy to be endured. What has increase the catastrophe is the stand of some Arab leaders who have facilitated for the aggressor implementation of his criminal schemes when they opened their lands to the enemy. They have not only betrayed their nation to be called as hypocrites but they deserve to be put on the list of disbelievers that have to be fought along with the nation's enemies who are occupying our lands in Jerusalem or Baghdad or any Arab capital.