Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/635/Press Review]

May 12 2003

6 May 2003
Main headlines:
– False democracy returns the GPC's majority to parliament
– Election violations and crimes included more than 150 constituencies
– Nasserite Organization challenges a number of constituencies
– Jaham waves with retaliation, Sheikh Saleh al-Zaidi killed in the capital
– Third Arab Conference calls for trying Bush, Blair and transfer of UN headquarters.
Mr Hamdi Ahmed says in his article it is supposed that on Saturday 10 May the elected deputies take the constitutional oath and with that begins a new stage in our parliamentary life which seems its outputs would be a reflection of a system of enhancing the majority. There are two important points that must be confirmed. The first is connected to success of the elections with regard to the security aspect. Acts of violence were low and the second was the development of the media coverage by both the authority and the opposition concerning publication of statements and information without any delay with more developed means especially the internet. Stressing the first point occupies a certain importance in indicating the high level of the Yemeni elector and also indicates that the ruling party did not instigate violence because it made for it with other means. Regarding the second point about the media coverage it has been a reflection to preparations by the ruling party and the JMP and other opposition parties that opened websites on the internet added to that the large presence of Arab mass media. That media coverage succeeded in revealing the amount of the large-scale rigging that took place in election constituencies.