Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/637/Press Review]

May 26 2003

20 May 2003
Main headlines:
– NUO secretary general: Will of change stronger, the GPC defined proportions of opposition
– Under pretext of SARS, arrivers retained, merchants blackmailed at Sana'a airport
– 14 Yemenis, 3 Philippine detained in unhealthy circumstances
– Because of electricity outages, patients died, stored blood spoiled in al-Jumhuri hospital in Aden
– Law suit on nullity of the parliament chairmanship body
– Refused by the Zionists, five martyrdom operations impede implementation of the ''road map''
Columnist Ali al-Saqqaf says in his weekly column that as it was expected, the new ministerial formation came to be disappointing. Apart from our appreciation and respect for a number of efficient personalities included in the new formation, but majority of the cabinet members came to increase the citizen's frustration regarding any hope of change.
Reappointment of number of previous cabinet ministers has provoked feelings of the people who have got tired of seeing them because their experience is that they are corrupt, citing the palace of office director of one of them, which cost an amount of money enough to build tens of houses for citizens of limited income. The newcomer ministers, some of them has prepared themselves to practice plundering the moment he heard his name among the ministers as they think that two years time is not enough to keep pace with their former colleagues.