Al-Wahdawi [Archives:2003/638/Press Review]

June 2 2003

20 May 2003
Main headlines:
– The Organization's secretary-general welcomes the pardon decision, demanding the return of Abdula'lem and Al-Qarshi
– The president meets the exiles in the UAE from the group 16, return of the exiled, individual desire
– 59 prisoners in the capital continue their hunger strike
– The Organization condemns arrest of Hamdan and candidates of constituency 272
– Judiciary fear aborts people's issues against the government
– Yemeni students refuse to return to Iraq, Higher Education ministry has no solutions
– Transport drivers demand president interference for justice
Columnist Rahma Hujaira comments on the kidnapping of Mr al-Heela in Egypt and arresting of sheikh al-Mouayad and his companion in Germany saying eight months passed since the Yemeni citizen al-Heela was kidnapped in Egypt and five months since the arrest of sheikh Mohammed al-Mouayad and his companion in Germany. The reason is that the first has information the United States wants them, so the means was a sisterly Arab country to pull his leg, kidnap him and hand over to a common enemy. All attempts to release him and bring him back home have failed. As for sheikh al-Mouayad his case has sinister and wicked dimensions that do not stop at fighting philanthropist men whose efforts are for fighting the attempts of impoverishing the states targeted by the United States but also to the attempt of issuing a law of punishing anyone recognizing the right of the Palestinian factions to get rid of the occupation. It is an evil attempt to condemn the support offered to the Palestinian struggle. Silence of the political parties and exerting no efforts living to the level and impact of this piracy against citizens of a sovereign country and an active partner in fighting terror is a shameful and surprising matter because both the opposition and the government claim they fight for the Yemeni man but they do not act.